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Introducing NCP Ceramic Coating

The state-of-the-art nano car care system designed to provide the ultimate surface protection for your vehicle’s exteriors and interiors.

Nano Ceramic Protect® (NCP) is guaranteed to be one of the best nano ceramic coating available on the market. It provides durable shield on materials such as plastic, textiles, glass, leather, rubber, chrome panels, stainless steel and painted surface.

NCP Origin

Nano Ceramic Protect (NCP) is researched and manufactured in Poland by Nanoformula s.c. The brand name is a registered trademark and the products are strictly controlled and used only by the selected partners and professional detailers around the world. This is to ensure the finished quality meets even the most stringent of standards.

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80+ Countries

The products are distributed to over 80 countries and counting. This is a brand name that is registered world-wide.

9H Certified

9H Certified

NCP 9H Hard is tested and owns a 9H hardness certificate. You can rest assured that our product provides a certified warranty.

Approved Car Detailing Professional

Approved Professional

The products are only available through services provided by the appointed partners to ensure they meet the quality standards.

NCP Coating Benefits

The advantages of using Nano Ceramic Protect® ceramic coating:

Nano Technology

Advanced Nano

Anti Graffiti


Brilliant Shine

Brilliant Shine

Chemical resistance

Chemicals Resistance

Rich Color

Deep Rich Colour

Durable Surface

Durable Surface

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Thermal Resistance

Thermal Resistance

NCP Ceramic Coating Series

Nano Ceramic Protect® is one of the leading global ceramic car care company offering a complete range of ceramic protection from protecting external paint to entire internal compartments of your car. The following showcase will explain further:

  1. NCP Hard 9H

    The Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H product offers you the protection coating with a molecular ceramic 3D structure. We guarantee: it has the best quality currently available on a market.

  2. NCP Plastic

    High quality nano ceramic used for conserving plastic and rubber materials from colour fading. The solution forms a nano ceramic film, protecting your vehicle from its surrounding environment.

  3. NCP Glass

    Perfect driving partner during day and night. It provides clear visibility during rainy day. The solution provides an additional durable layer and improves water repulsion (hydrophobicity).

  4. NCP Leather

    Provides nano ceramic protective layer on leather upholstery. The nano formulation nourishes and improves the colour richness onto coated surface. Best of all cleaning made easy.

  5. NCP Fabric Protector

    Best used for protecting cabrio car roof and fabric made upholstery. The ceramic spray will conserve the surface from colour degrading and prevent water molecules penetrations (waterproof).

  6. NCP Soft

    Increases the gloss effect. Best used together with our NCP Hard 9H coating. Provides wet-look shine on coated surface that carries lifespan up to six to twelve months.


Our NCP range carries many different warranties. The table at below will describe further.

Product Description Car Components Warranty
NCP® Hard 9H Car body paint 60 months
NCP® Hard 9H Car rims 12 months
NCP® Soft Car body paint 12 months
NCP® Plastic Plastic parts 12 months
NCP® Leather Leather upholstery 12 months
NCP® Fabric Protector Fabric upholstery 12 months
NCP® Glass Front & Back Windshield 12 months

More Video Presentations

To understand our NCP products better, check out the videos below.

  1. NCP Thermal Test

  2. NCP Hydrophobicity

  3. NCP Rims Hydrophobicity

  4. NCP Fabric Test

  5. NCP Crystallization Test

  6. NCP Permanent Gloss